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  1. the truth is that is we the fans that feel the pain most when man utd lose any game ,so please the people in charge should do something very fast at least to save lives because many die for man utd outside the game, moyes u really need to stand up this time to something, good luck

  2. on my side l know moyes can help man united,but the problem is the plays he has they very weak and poor apart from some plays!like roony vnp da gea johnes this your star kagawa anly that in the all we need a world class players in man united.

  3. am from uganda

  4. solve midfield problem

  5. The manager has a big part to play with the team proformance. He wasted the last transfer window when he had the chance to sign Ozil but want baines and Felani. Wasted 27m for a player who dont nothing to help the side. RVP is unhappy. Rio and Giggs. Vidic wants to leave and Evra as well. Rooney , Chicrito,Kagawa,Nani is not happy. Who is left with. (Young,Welback,cleverly) these 3 need to be sold first.

    Lets just wait and see who Moyes will bring, Since how many years did everton beat Utd. Makes you think. Utd lost how many game at home this season.

  6. Sack Moyes. He lacks any game plans n looks clueless

  7. Moyes should bring midfulders lyk toni kroose, fabrigas and bastian swahnstiger


  9. man.utd shuld sign kros & ilkay

  10. right now manu is like the sinking Titanic. Moyes has no tactics which resulted the team playing without any shapes. Sack him now n cut our losses. Start talking to Val Gaal or Jurgen Klopp

  11. moyes will not attract new top players if they find him tactically inept. he is just seriously out of depths for the top job

  12. David Moyes, I beg of u to do this club a massive favour – RESIGN ASAP. Yesterday, we were diabolical. Humiliated in our Holy Shrine, Old Trafford. You offered nothing to counter the Reds. The midfield was so hollow. Liverpool took their time to play the ball in the middle of the park. Fellaini couldn’t hold on to ball nor pass nor defend nor shoot on target. What the hell we wasted 27M on him for? You are the lamest manager we had ever have. Even big Ron Atkinson did a better job than you. You are such a loser. You and your backroom should pack your bags n leave. Rubbish manager.

  13. The mgr should go in the market & buy an amazing&brilliant midfielders lyk kroos fernandinho fabrigas.I wish nice for manutd fans.

  14. moyes is a substandard coach. he is only good for bottom 10 teams in epl

  15. everton is playing much better football under Martinez n is now challenging for a place in CL

  16. moyes wud never be able to guide everton to CL this season, let alone manage ManUtd

  17. the glazers wud be foolish to trust moyes with 200m GBP to replace players next season

  18. manUtd should try signing thomas muller and Filipe luis. please don’t forget to sign reus

  19. am happy to here that woodward fly to real to complete Di maria dear intresting news!

  20. I will be happy if Luis van Gaal sign A Di Maria

  21. It would be good if man united will get read of Alex Song and Angel Di Maria and koke

  22. EDWOOD WARD should be sack as CEO of Man U

  23. thnx van Gaal

  24. Van gaal should start buggeting for the deffence in next window.

  25. thanx Gaal

  26. united we standcum sunday we arise

  27. id like to be kept up to date on mutd matters

  28. Van gaal shoud consider polpogba

  29. LVG much buy two world class defenders, two midfielder and one striker and bring Nani back to play alongside with Di Maria and others.

  30. try and keep David(keeper) play di maria in his position and get a solid central defender.
    get a good midfielder to play with herrera. sell RVP. take falcoa on another season loan. problem sorted

  31. wat f striker lyk higuain

  32. Van Gal should try to sign marcelo

  33. Well…they gave my boy the weekend off after that one! He’ll be ready to fiisnh off the Blues silver hopes midweek and wave to you from the crowd as City goes down to Berbatov and Cheech! 😀

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